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Women's cycling and partners


Strong visions need strong partners!

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With a lot of passion and commitment, we have been continuously developing ourselves and women's cycling in Berlin-Brandenburg since 2017. Cycling, like many other sports, is a male domain - in terms of attention, pay and support. These "social barriers" must be broken down.

Whether at the German Championships, in numerous Bundesliga races or at international tours, we have shown that Berlin and women's cycling are more than a suitable symbiosis.

Our foundation are sponsors, partners, supporters
and because we are how we are - and how are we?

Christian Herrmann | Sponsor Frauenradsport Radsport Berlin

Christian Herrmann
dr Herrmann Group Berlin

Sponsor since 2017

Christian Herrmann has been the most important sponsor and supporter to date. He is the managing director of the Dr. Herrmann group of companies and active in THW on a voluntary basis. It all started with a fuel card, a Ford Transit and a handshake. It is still valid today.

Dr. Herrmann Unternehmensgruppe | Sponsoring | Ausstatter |Frauenradsport | Radsportverein | Radsport | Wheel Divas Cycling Team | Berlin
Daniela Seide-Mainka | Berliner Volksbank Immobilien GmbH | Frauenradsport Berlin | Radsportverein

Daniela Seide-Mainka
Berlin Volksbank real estate

Sponsor since 2022

“Like cycling, the world of banking and real estate is still male-dominated. That's why I'm very happy to have been able to set female impulses here for decades and for this very reason I'm particularly happy to support women in sport. We do this in handball and now also very much in cycling. As a real estate agent in the cooperative sector, we stand for fairness, transparency and the achievement of common goals. With this in mind, we wish the athletes every success!”

We are proud to have you with us.

Berliner Volksbank Immobilien GmbH | Sponsoring Frauenradsport | Radsportverein | Berlin
Manolo Artioli | | Wheel Divas | Frauenradsport | Frauenradrennsport | Radsport

Manolo Artioli your sports partner

Outfitter since 2019

Italy and cycling. That fits. As a team outfitter, MACRON is primarily involved in ball sports, as an official partner of UEFA and with Bundesliga teams such as Arminia Bielefeld , Hannover 96 and SV Sandhausen . As a supplier of leisure and team clothing for the Wheel Divas, Manolo Artioli |  new ways since 2019. We like Manolo's Italian style, his clothing and look forward to this partnership.​

MACRON | | Sponsoring | Ausstatter |Frauenradsport | Radsportverein | Radsport | Wheel Divas Cycling Team | Berlin
SKS Germany | Sponsor Frauenradsport Radsport Berlin Wheel Divas

Sarah Bauman
SKS metaplast Scheffer-Klute

Outfitter since 2018

The successful cooperation has existed since November 2016, our team was still in its infancy. SKS is not only an outfitter from the start, but also the leading manufacturer of bicycle accessories. The strong interest in women's cycling in the embodiment of the Wheel Divas motivated Ms. Baumann and her team to equip them with air pumps, mudguards and other parts of the cycling equipment.

SKS Germany Sponsoring | Ausstatter |Frauenradsport | Radsportverein | Radsport | Wheel Divas Cycling Team | Berlin
Bee-Rent | Caroline Nauck | Nachhaltigkeit | Ökologischer fingerprint Fussabdruck |  Frauenradsport Radsport Berlin | Rad-Bundesliga

Carlina Nauck
Bee Rent GmbH

Supporter and advisor since 2022

Caroline advises us on sustainability issues . With our cooperation and the bee leasing of a bee colony, we actively, locally and directly support the environment and the entire ecosystem. 50,000 small employees, a diva are nurtured by Caroline. We give the bee habitat, stop the decimation and increase the population. The honey goes to the supporters, helpers and sponsors. Completely CO2-free. Thank you Caroline for your commitment.

Bee-Rent | Caroline Nauck | Ökologisher fingerprint Fussabdruck | Nachhaltigkeit | Wheel Divas | Frauenradsport | Berlin | Radsportverein
Joseph Zimmerer | Zweirad-Center Stadler Berlin | Frauenradsport Radsport Berlin Wheel Divas Cycling Team

Joseph Zimmerer
Bike Center Stadler Berlin

Supporter and outfitter since 2018

Joseph Zimmerer was also enthusiastic right from the start, even if it took a good deal of convincing because of Berlin cycling. Mutual ideas have been fulfilled to the mutual advantage to this day. The Stadler team provides us with all cycling needs punctually, reliably and in high quality.

Zweirad-Center Stadler Berlin Prenzlauer Berg | Sponsoring | Ausstatter |Frauenradsport | Radsportverein | Radsport | Wheel Divas Cycling Team | Berlin
Campagnolo | Frauen Radsport Berlin Wheel Divas


Outfitter since 2020

If cycling, then Italy, then Campagnolo. Campagnolo is a big fan of promoting youngsters and enthusiastic about the idea of a women's cycling team in Berlin. This is how our drivers can enjoy culture, identity and values and that  common heritage of high-quality racing bike technology for road and track. It honors us, the  Super Record 12s EPS or the fine track material such as the Ghibli Track Disc . Equipment like the pros.

Campagnolo | Sponsoring | Ausstatter |Frauenradsport | Radsportverein | Radsport | Team | Berlin


Outfitter since 2022

"We, the company BMM Sports GmbH , as a representative of the BRIKO brand in Germany and Austria, started last winter with the conscious plan to promote women's cycling. The Wheel Divas quickly caught our eye and aroused our interest. A young, ambitious women's cycling team, future-oriented and already on the road with Italian know-how in many areas. BRIKO would be the ideal addition, we thought. After initial discussions and a friendly presentation of the history of the origins by Sina, it was clear to us that the chemistry was right and that we would like to work with the Wheel Divas. We can fully identify with the philosophy of the Wheel Divas and are happy to be able to support the team as a partner.
We wish the team all the best and a successful season!”

Briko Helme | Sponsoring | Ausstatter |Frauenradsport | Radsportverein | Radsport | Wheel Divas Cycling Team | Berlin
Christian Lewin und Robert Rafels ProCitare Physiotherapie GmbH | Frauenradsport Radsport Berlin

Christian Levin and
Robert Rafels

ProCitare Physiotherapy GmbH

Supporters and Advisors 2019

Top athletes trust ProCitare is a living program . Since 2018, a large number of professionals, including judo, soccer with Bundesliga club 1.FC Union , and cycling and the women’s Bundesliga team Wheel Divas have been supported with the specially created ProAthlete program. Christian and Robert focus on successful people and athletes. One of many reasons to work with the divas.

ProCitare Physiotherapie | Sponsoring | Ausstatter |Frauenradsport | Radsportverein | Radsport | Wheel Divas Cycling Team | Berlin
Myral Fassade GmbH | hochwertige Fassaden |Frauenradsport | Gleiche Teilhabe |

Hans Bauelerin
Myral-Facade GmbH

Supporter since 2017

If you want something beautiful and unique for your own house, then look no further than Myral facades. Just like the Wheel Divas is  Hans Bäuerlein is also traveling throughout Germany and Europe. The managing director and team manager Päske got to know and appreciate each other through a joint construction site at the sponsor CMC | know Polyprint. The topic of sports and young people unites both fathers, because both are neglected in Berlin. 

Myral Fassade GmbH | Frauenradsport | Gleiche Teilhabe |
Stefan Meiners | Sponsor Frauenradsport Radsport Berlin

Stefan Meiners
Polyprint GmbH | CMC Ltd

Sponsor and outfitter since 2017

As the most family-friendly company in Köpenick, Stefan Meiners has supported various clubs for years. His engagement at 1.FC Union was too male-oriented for him. The Polyprint team supports us in all marketing issues, especially printing and strategic issues, as well as financially.

Polyprint GmbH| Sponsoring | Ausstatter |Frauenradsport | Radsportverein | Radsport | Cycling Team | Berlin
Sara Turato | Bottecchia Cicli srl | Sponsor Frauenradsport Radsport Berlin Wheel Divas

Outfitter since 2018

Little works the first time, sometimes a woman has to travel 1,400 km. Ms. Turato is responsible for Sales And Marketing. She invited the team and the sparks jumped over. We ride the best Italian bikes thanks to their support. The Bottecchia brand is now also represented in the federal cycling league and in women's cycling. We ride one of the top frames with the Emme4. Stiff and light and designed for women and high speeds. A top combination.

Bottecchia | Sponsoring | Ausstatter |Frauenradsport | Radsportverein | Radsport | Cycling Team | Berlin
Christian Ulm | Sponsor Frauenradsport Radsport Berlin Wheel Divas

Christian Ulm
elm design

Supporter and advisor since 2017

Christian Ulm is recommended by cycling photographer Arne Mill. And he is the inventor of our logo, which is known as far away as Dubai. The contact dates back to early 2017. Today we are happy, above all, to have followed his professional advice. Whether marketing, corporate design , Internet , printing , content , from the team vehicle to sportswear - this entire corporate and team appearance is Christian's concerted work. Christian Ulm says: "We live design for our customers". We say thank you.

Ulm Design | Ausstatter | Frauenradsport | Radsportverein | Radsport | Wheel Divas Cycling Team | Berlin

Fleix Waury
Montage film Berlin

Supporter since 2017

"One minute of film contains one hour of editing," says Felix Waury. Felix makes gigabytes  Raw material first a film. In the rooms of the former GDR radio he works, among other things, as a professional editor for rbb television .

We came to Felix Waury through Managing Director Polyprint GmbH Stefan Meiners . As a former athlete, Felix quickly got the spark for the Berlin and women's cycling project. Because "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come." (Victor Hugo)

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

You could stand here

Supporter and advisor since 2022

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Nice that you are here. Thank you for supporting us women.

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What do our partners appreciate about us?


vision and passion

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Unique team spirit

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Two hands full
strength and courage


Professional management

Wheel Divas Radsportverein Frauenradsport Trainingslager Ski Skating

Lots of diligence

Wheel Divas Cycling Team Berliner Radsport Frauenradsport Radsportverein

Germany-wide and international reach


 will and morals

Wheel Divas bei Dubaiwomenstour | Berliner Radsport Frauenradsport Frauenradsporteam

success in youth work

We invite you to become part of this young success story with your company. With your support, you are making a contribution towards the equal participation of women in cycling and the compatibility of work, training and sport. These are the markers for further professionalization of the team.

Let's go together!

Head of Public Relations | Marketing: Eric Franz